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Studying for a Private Pilot Knowledge Test

GREAT NEWS !! You don't have to spend any money on a preparation course to study for your Private Pilot test.

There is great news if you need to take your Private Pilot test... you don't need to spend any money for study material to prepare for the written exam.

The Private Pilot tests are not undergoing any of the turmoil/chaos that all other FAA pilot testing is experiencing. As a result, the FREE test preparation courses for Private Pilot are still resulting in success for Private Pilot students nation-wide. So instead of Sheppard Air offering you a Private Pilot course, and taking your money for it when it's not really necessary, we have provided you two Essential links below. The first link is to the AOPA FREE student registration page. Registering for FREE with the AOPA will allow you access to an enormous number of useful resources. The second link is to a good, FREE Private Pilot knowledge test online study course (the online version is free).

Someday when you need to take an Instrument or Commercial or Instructor test, Sheppard Air will be happy to provide you with professional-grade study courses for those very difficult, high failure-rate exams. But in the mean time, we'd like to help you get your Private Pilot test done as inexpensively as possible.

To help reduce your Private Pilot training expenses, here are two good, FREE resources for Private Pilot studying. Please call Sheppard Air when you need to study for more difficult, high failure-rate tests like Instrument and Commercial.

AOPA FREE Student Registration

Free Online Private Pilot Study Buddy

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