Pilot Reference Documents

Links to Free Online Pilot References

Here is a collection of references that you may find helpful while studying for your test or while working as an instructor (many test questions came from these sources). Most of these carry a copyright from the author(s), but are published for free distribution.

Note: In many cases we have kept the previous version of a publication available for you because the previous version documents the answer to a current study question more word-for-word than the newer version does.



FAA Handbooks & Advisory Circulars:

FAA Weather Advisory Circulars:

FAA Testing Supplements (Figures Books):

Miscellaneous Documents - Forms - Links:

The following references are the sources for some FAA test questions, but they are copyrighted by the author(s) and are not available for free. They can be purchased from either the Government Printing Office or your favorite book retailer (though chances are you won't need them for your studying).

  • Advisory Circular 00-50A
  • Advisory Circular 91-24
  • Fly the Wing by James Webb
  • Flight Theory for Pilots by Charles Dole
  • Aircraft Powerplants by Michael Kroes
  • The Aircraft Gas Turbine Engine and It's Operation by Pratt and Whitney Corp
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