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Quotes from our Study Course Subscribers:

"I just wanted to echo the positive feedback from so many before me. I took the MCI after following your study strategy to the "T" and made a 96 on the test in 25 minutes. The system works if you follow it."

"I don't think I can surpass any of the feedback on the web...

I really liked that the figures were electronic in your software. You might want to tell people they aren't in the test, you get an actual book. It's not big deal, but it's expectation management. Interestingly enough, the debated question (with images showing excessive right rudder) is electronic. There might be more, but that's the only one I saw. And it did only have the better (correct) image while you show both in the prep material.

I did as recommended and only took two practice tests. The 125 question test took me about 30 minutes. I was well-prepared.

Sheppard Air really hooked me up (customer service)... I started studying but then had to deploy for a year. They re-upped my login credentials by simply asking and explaining the situation. I appreciated it very much.

Sheppard Air does a great job walking you through the process, without a doubt.

I did not see any question I hadn't already seen, as per the guarantee.

Certainly adhere to Sheppard's recommendation to be clear what test you're taking. The people administering the tests may have no idea what test and test identifiers (labels) mean.

Thank you for a great product and great customer service."

"Thanks for the great training program, it most certainly enabled me to efficiently and effectively prepare. Your process really works well! During the test, I noted how many times I didn't immediately know the answer (which would have still resulted in a pass), but your process resulted in me achieving a 97% score. Additionally, I found the explanations very thorough and aided to making sure I understood more in depth. By referencing which manual or regulation applied, it also allowed me to do additional study when I wanted to learn more beyond just test prep. Thank you, I will be back again!"

"I want to add a review to your team.

I passed my ATP Rotorcraft by 96%. So pleased with your material and training material. I followed your instructions and studied for 5 days only.

I made 3 calls for support, and your team was fantastic in responding and providing me awesome support."

"Hello. I just wanted to drop a line and say that your study guide products are top-notch. I've used SA for my MCA, MCI, and recently ATM Knowledge Test. The study strategies you guys prescribe absolutely work. I scored 97, 97, and 98% on the tests respectively. Keep up the great work. This is absolutely the only product pilots need for test prep!"

"I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you to the instructor who returned my call on Tuesday, and also to the entire staff at Sheppard Air!

Because of you all, I scored a 98% on my MCA test yesterday! The test administrator seemed shocked to have someone score so high on that test, and she was in awe over how quickly I finished the exam. I told her I owe it all to a good study strategy and Shepard Air. I could have studied for months (and I had been) through my Instrument/Commercial Textbook, FAR/AIM, and every other publication, and I still would not have been prepared enough for the exam.

Keep Up The Great Work!"

"I have been using your product for the IFR Airplane written test, since June of 2017, though not all of that I was studying. I put it off, sadly because I am not good with tests. But your test bank and sections really helped me out! I was able to pass my IFR written the first time I took it with flying colors! I have recommended this product to people before and even got someone using it that I recommended it too! I would definitely recommend this product to anyone and I will be using this again for my next written test! Thank you all for the help and keeping the databanks up to date!"

"Recently I took my ATP written after preparing with your program (Sept 1st, 2017).

I didn't even get to do any of the practice tests due to limited time, but by following your method I was able to get 100% on the actual test. It only took 55 minutes to take.

Thank you for a great experience and I will recommend you to others."

"I'm sure you get plenty of praise on your terrific courses and it's all well-deserved. Your "study strategy" is very well thought out and effective. I've been using variations of your method since the '70s, but you've perfected the approach and created great software to go with it.

I recently completed the IGI, AGI, and FOI exams using your courses. 98%, 94%, and 100%, respectively. I ran out of time before the AGI and wasn't able to complete steps 3 or 4 before the exam - and still scored 94%. So, that's my fault, not yours. The moral of the story may be that your strategy is so good that a score in the nineties can be achieved by completing only half of the process.

I may have seen a question or two on the exams where there may have been some small, insignificant difference between the FAA stems, answers and distractors and your courseware. If there were differences, none were significant enough to stick in my memory, and they certainly didn't cause me to answer incorrectly.

Thanks for a wonderful product!"

"Sheppard Air is truly a gift to the aviation community. It is considered one of the most valuable test prep tools on the market and has been that way for years. I've used Sheppard Air to study for all of my written exams since Private Pilot to ATP and my flight students have also had much success using the program. Pricing is more than reasonable and the constant updating of question banks for test takers keeps this option much ahead of the competition, not to mention the outstanding and fast tech support and flight instructor support if things aren't working correctly or if you truly aren't sure why a question has a certain answer. I started at the airlines this week, but I could NOT have done it without Sheppard Air."

"I have used your program for the ATP exam and I scored a 97% on the test. All the questions were spot on. Over my aviation career I have used other programs but none has been so simple and straightforward. All I did was follow your instructions. I must admit I was skeptical, but, I gave it a shot and am happy I did. My score has never been so high on any other aviation test I took. Definitely will recommend this to everyone I know. It is worth ever penny."

"Great job as always by SheppardAir. You always keep your promise and provide the best study source out there. I just got a 100% on the MCI. Your material was perfect. For the military folks wanting to take the test, get with SheppardAir, then your base education office may be able to provide it for free. Good luck and thanks again SheppardAir for being so professional, knowledgeable, available, and helpful. Outstanding customer service!! SheppardAir ATP and MCI test taker."

"THANK YOU for putting together such a thorough, intuitive, and comprehensive study guide. Anytime I didn't understand an answer your team's explanation was simple, to the point, and helped knowledge stick in a way that it will be useful! With your help I scored 100% on my IRA Written!"

"I just wanted to let you know myself and another military pilot took the MCI test this week and passed easily, with a 97% and a 93%. We had seen all the questions before, and 5 hours of study time was more than enough to pass the exam. Thanks for the great software and hope to see you out there."

"Didn't see a review feedback link so I thought I'd just write you to let you know how much I loved your product!

I had been out of the cockpit for almost 4 years and needed my commercial license for a follow on job. A friend referred me to Sheppard Air and I am so happy they did. Got 100% on my MCA test with 3 hours of study. And because of Sheppard Air, I found a testing center that was free instead of paying $150 like I was expecting. So, by going with Sheppard Air I literally SAVED $115 and got a complete question file and easy 100%!

Thanks for everything!"

"I took my exam on Monday and received a 100 percent. Historically, I have been a stellar student and received a 94 the first time I took this exam (six years ago), so this software really helped me get an excellent score. And I accomplished it sooner. I will be using all of your written exam preps to complete my CFI. Your prep software is the most useful out there. Much appreciation."

"I would like to say how amazed I am with how easy and awesome your CFII test prep was. I originally bought XXXX test prep book months ago and studied it for 2 weeks. I felt overwhelmed with the thickness of the book and all the possible test questions. I eventually put down the book and gave up on it. I recently got hired at a big aviation academy and multiple CFI's told me about your company and how easy and painless it took to not only pass, but almost get perfect scores. I purchased your course and took the test 8 days after downloading it on my iPad. I didn't just pass the test, but I got a 98% on it!!!!! I have never ever ever got a test score higher than 80's on any of my previous faa tests. Thank you guys for helping me pass my written test."

"I just wanted to say Thank You for the Great test prep software! I just took the Commercial written and received a 96%. Your system was excellent and exactly what I needed to successfully pass the exam. I was most impressed that even though it was learning the FAA questions, the way you present it with the explanations re-solidified the knowledge so that I am again very comfortable doing all the flight calculations."

"I just wanted to give you some feedback on your ATP prep program. - it's phenomenal! I took the test today and scored a 98%. I didn't see a single question on the test that was not on your program."

"I wanted to drop you a quick line to thank you for 1. Awesome products and 2. Terrific customer support. I have now taken the mil comp, ATP, and FEX written tests using your study aids and can't imagine testing with a different prep course. My final results were a total of only 3 missed questions between the three tests together! Even the questions I missed were provided in the selected questions area, I just screwed the pooch up on my own."

"Your program beats the competition "hands down."


A. Your data base is UP TO DATE, which, in itself is an enormous advantage.

B. Your memorization method is a scientific one; it is based on the PRIMACY LAW, a physiological attribute of the human brain.

C. Your supporting material section saves the participant/client "tons” of money.

D. Your explanations, for most part, are the best ones I could find anywhere."

"To all the staff at Sheppard Air. Thanks for the hard work and attention to detail. My wife and I have collectively passed 5 written test with a minimum score of 97 with your help!!!! You helped make us more professional in the least amount of time."

"I completed and passed the Mil Comp Instructor exam in mid-Nov 2015 without any surprises, all due to your awesome prep software. All of the questions were spot on, and your method of studying allowed me to become familiar with all of the questions in minimal time, as well as concentrate on areas that I was a bit weak on. Fantastic product, and I've been recommending it to my friends. Additionally, I was able to take the test, without charge, at Andrews AFB. Meeting with the FSDO was not an issue due to your comprehensive checklists too. You guys make it easy. Keep up the great work, and thanks for the help! Definitely money well spent both for time savings and not creating unnecessary anxiety due to the element of the unknown."

"I am a retired Navy Helicopter Pilot (Seahawks) and Navy Primary Flight Instructor (T34C). I was told about Sheppard Air from a buddy of mine (also retired) who was a Navy F18 driver as well as a Commodore at an Advanced Training Wing. He took the MCI and passed, I took his advice to use Sheppard Air and passed both the MCI and the Helo ATP written. The best part: Passing these tests and adding the CFI/CFII to my ratings just got me extra pay for a new flying job! I strongly recommend Military pilots use Sheppard Air for the MCI or any test prep needs. Every step of the way, Sheppard came through with EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE. Their reps were courteous and professional and always gave me the sense they were pulling for me to succeed. The software is great to use, by pilots for pilots. Follow the study guide and you will have success. It is much more than test prep if you make the effort: reading the explanations and taking the time to review the FAR/AIM and other Flight Pub references really got me back in the game after several years sitting on the sidelines. The CG and Flight Planning problems are explained very well and if you take the time to work them out during your study process, the test will be a breeze. It's pretty simple: RTFM, or should I say RTFTP (Read the .... Test Prep) Well Done Sheppard Air, I'll be sending my students/colleagues to you."

"I want to thank Sheppard Air for the test prep software. Over the last few months I have taken the FOI, FIA, AGI, FII and IGI. I first took the FOI using another prep software program that had a good advertisement and pretty graphics. I passed, but it was not pretty. About 5 questions into the test I had decided I made a mistake and should not be there.

Upon advice from another pilot I switched to Sheppard Air. I spent a few hours each over 2 or 3 days and took the tests 1 by 1 with ease. I scored 10% above the national average on each test and they took me about 20 minutes to complete each. Of all those tests there was 1 question I did not recognize (from Sheppard Air, the other software there were many). I provided the question to Sheppard Air and was given a refund for the test software.

Customer service was excellent and the software is superb. Thank you."

"Just wanted to drop ya'll a note and thank you for a FANTASTIC piece of software. After failing the FOI twice (52-64%) while studying from the FAA book and using some "other" test prep software, I started looking for something better. After spending $300 on failed tests (or expensive "practice" tests) I figured $30 wouldn't be a bad idea to try something else. After approx 10-15 hours of study with your software I re-took the FOI and walked away with a 100%. Hands down the best test prep software I've ever used, and I don't know why I never knew about this before!"

"I completed my FEX written today. I got a 100% thanks to your great test prep program! Thanks for all your help. There were no surprises at all. I really liked your test prep program. You have a fantastic set up! I especially liked the practice tests. Thanks again for your help."

"I just wanted to pass along that I scored 100% on my ATP written. Thanks for resetting my username/password a million times along the way. You guys sell a great product and I'll definitely pass along your name."

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