Military Competency to Commercial / Instrument Paperwork Help

This guide will help you to prepare and submit your FAA application form.

Just follow this 3-step checklist:

Step #1: Fill out an online FAA Form 8710-1 Application in IACRA:
There is an FAA online system called IACRA for processing pilot application forms. Follow the instructions found at to use IACRA, and use the '8710-1 Guide' below to fill in your flying hours in IACRA.

  • Filling out the application form can be hard, and generate questions for you. So here is our '8710-1 Guide' that will help you with some of your questions. Click here for the '8710-1 Guide'. It will even help you with the FAR references to different types of piloting time for filling in the flying times on the application form.

Step #2: Gather the other necessary documents, depending on your situation as follows:

  • If you are a recent military pilot training graduate. click here for the rest of the paperwork you need and the process to turn it in.
  • If you are already qualified in your mission aircraft, then click here for the paperwork you need to complete the process.

Step #3: Locate your nearest Designated Pilot Examiner or an FAA Flight Standards District Office (FSDO)
You can turn your paperwork in to either a Designated Pilot Examiner (DPE), or if you prefer, you can turn your paperwork in to an Inspector at an FAA FSDO. The first link below contains a list of Examiners and Inspectors around the U.S. who are reportedly good with Military Competency paperwork... please consider meeting with one of them if convenient. Otherwise, you can locate your nearest Designated Pilot Examiner using the second link below. The third link will assist you in locating your nearest FAA Flight Standards District Office (FSDO). Please note that it can take 48 hours for your test result to be transmitted from the testing location to the FAA and be available in IACRA, so you should plan your appointment to turn in your Mil Comp application for at least two days after your test.

Click here for Mil Comp Paperwork Processing Feedback <-- Don't skip this list.

Click here for the Designated Pilot Examiner locator - Note: If you use this Designated Pilot Examiner locator, on the FAA page that appears, you will first select 'DPE' from the drop down list, then select 'Location Search' and enter the desired location information, then select 'DPE-MCE' under the Adminstrative section, and then click 'Search'.

If necessary, click here for the FAA's FSDO locator


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